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Rapid growth in data generation by small, medium, and large enterprises coupled with proliferation of outsourcing activities are some of the vital reasons for emergence of sophisticated and reliable providers of Data Center India services.

Data center solutions in India

India is the most sought after destinations for data center establishments due to the moderate climatic conditions and availability of low seismic regions across the length and breadth of the subcontinent. There is plethora of Tier III data centers that are managed professionally by highly committed software professionals.

Some of the most popular hosting solutions provided by Indian data centers consist of:

  • Dedicated Hosting,
  • Shared Hosting,
  • VPS Hosting,
  • Cloud Hosting,
  • Cloud Data Storage,
  • Disaster Recovery,
  • Application Hosting,

Data center India is an offsite facility for housing servers and networking equipment for storage, processing, and dissemination of mission critical data by organizations as well as individuals. It is complete with redundant internet connectivity to provide seamless access to customers.

Sophisticated servers in dependable data center are designed to ensure uninterrupted online visibility of clients’ websites and are supported with multiple power backups for assured network uptime.

Data Center IndiaData center security- a prime concern

The most striking attribute of an ideal data center India is security arrangements. Physical security of a data center facility consists of round the clock presence of security personnel to prohibit entry of unauthorized persons into the premises of the building. This is further supported by presence of CCTV recording and monitoring of entire facility from outside and from within.

In terms of the access control measures, biometric sensors allow only authorized staff of data center to enter inside server rooms, and other vital territories within the infrastructure. Normally, no access is granted beyond a reception area of the data center India.

Security of data centers from natural calamities such as earthquakes, tornadoes, snow storms, and floods is ensured during selection of location of data center. Usually an area that has very low seismic potential and least susceptibility to other acts of God is chosen for establishment of data center India infrastructure.

Every proven data center India incorporates some the most salient security features apart from those mentioned above. This is because the inward and outward movement of mission critical data is perpetually exposed to cyber threats and instances of unauthorized infringement.

The most common method of ensuring data integrity during online transactions is encryption. This security measure prevents data theft by hackers. SSL protection is also a useful feature to stall efforts of hackers for unauthorized retrieval of the data.

Virus protection and firewall are the most common features of data center India. Advanced anti-virus solutions are capable of ensuring guaranteed protection of data centers from malware and other harmful viruses. Firewalls are essential to protect systems from intruders.

Data centers provide choice of usernames and passwords to ensure that only the persons that are authorized to operate various systems can gain access to equipments such as control panels and so forth.

Unmatched redundancy and other salient features of Indian data center facilities

Securing your business from instances of downtime during power outages is one the most vital commitments of data center India. N+1 power redundancy of data center facilitates continuity of business with additional power supply facilities including diesel powered generators and powerful UPS systems.

Climate control measures must be efficiently managed with high end HVAC systems that are capable of cooling the infrastructure for uninterrupted performance. Similarly redundancy of network is also highly essential for ensuring high uptime.

Availability of multiple telecommunication service providers enhances the network redundancy of data center India. This is commonly known as carrier neutral network connectivity.

Leading collocation hosting providers ensure offer freedom to choose from industry leading telecommunication providers including Reliance Communications, Tata, Airtel, Vodafone and so forth. Such services are also essential for availing premium bandwidth at optimum costs.

Reputed data center India facilities are committed to provide highly reliable hosting services to clients such as small enterprises, government organizations, large business houses, healthcare services, and large corporate entities. Indian web hosting industry is driven by these sophisticated facilities capable of providing secure and seamless web hosting services.

Optimized network utilization and other vital resources support durability in the event of unforeseen instances of large internet routing issues including DDOS or DOS attack. Performance of data center also depends on use of top of the line redundant Cisco and Foundry components to mitigate scope for a single point of failure.

Network utilization is fortified high end intelligent routing technology to identify the least congested path for data transfers.  Stringent security protocols implemented by Tier III data center India restrict access only to level three technicians inside server rooms.

Trustworthy data center service providers leave no stone unturned to ensure high availability of network connectivity through redundancy of vital utilities. Many established data center India service providers offer SLA based network uptime guarantee of 99.95 per cent to their clients. This has great significance from the point of view of business continuity for e-commerce industry, healthcare providers, financial service portals, customer care services, online reservation services, airlines, and so forth.

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