Shared Hosting vs. Dedicated Web Hosting

Difference between Shared hosting / Virtual Hosting

In a shared or Virtual Hosting, the hosting company hosts plenty of online portals in a single server. This means that there may be other websites sharing your server.

Dedicated Server Hosting

In dedicated web hosting, your server is dedicated to your site alone. In other words all your web server space is owned by you alone.


Assessment Criteria


Neighborhood sites

In shared web hosting, if you share your web site with porn sites or spam sites there are chances that search engine may display warning flag for your site also. Sharing with sites that follow black hat methods may lead to blacklisting of your site also.


Server response

File requests are handled by server on first come first serve basis. Thus of you are at the end of the queue, you need to wait for long time for your request to be attended, in case you hold a shared web hosting. In dedicated web hosting there is no such issue.


Traffic effect

Based on the traffic generated by your neighborhood sites, the response time for your site may vary in case of shared hosting. Dedicated hosting doesn’t face such problems.


Server Crash

In case of shared web hosting, if the web host writes a poor CGI script, your website may even crash.


Inter dependence

Your sites performance may be affected due to bad performance of the sites sharing your server in case of shared web hosting.



In dedicated web hosting, by writing a good script, you can completely control your sites performance.



Handling anonymous FTP and maintaining SSL encryption are easily accomplished with dedicated hosting. In case of shared web hosting these processes are quit complicated.


Cost efficiency

The hosting services are comparatively cheap in case of virtual hosting. In case of dedicated hosting these services are costlier.


Bandwidth penalty

The amount of bandwidth per month to your site is limited in shared hosting. Dedicated hosting has no such bandwidth restriction.


Key Differences between Shared hosting vs. Dedicated web hosting
S. No Shared hosting Dedicated hosting


1.        Shared hosting is cheap Dedicated hosting is costly
2.        Hosting account on a shared server Hosting account on a separate server
3.        Chances for bad neighborhood sites No neighborhood sites
4.        Over crowded server may lead to slow performance No such hurdles
5.        Caters to the common internet user Generally intended for experienced individuals
6.        No special knowledge is required to maintain the server Special knowledge is required to maintain the server
7.        Suitable for small- and medium-sized businesses Suitable for large-sized businesses
8.        Service provider determines what Web applications are running You determine what Web applications are running
9.        Slower response with high traffic loads Faster response with high traffic loads
10.    Limited bandwidth provision No bandwidth restrictions



Based on utility you can choose either shared web hosting or dedicated hosting for your website. If you are running a small sized business and require hosting at lesser cost you can opt for shared hosting. Whereas you run a large sized business and requires lot of customizations for your website and need more control on the applications you can opt for dedicated hosting.




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