HashGains to Launch its ICO Tokens

The recent blockchain advancements have astounded the world of economy, as the crypto-communities anticipate enormous returns as guaranteed by Bitcoin and its altcoin successors. The Distributed Ledger Technology offers a perfect answer to traditional currency issues and with the initiation of decentralized coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero, the [...]

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Amazon’s first Indian AWS data centers launch in Mumbai

Amazon’s cloud computing arm has officially introduced its first data center infrastructure in India with the launch of two data center locations in Mumbai. Though [...]

New data center on the way in Plano’s booming Legacy business park

The exploding demand for datacenter space in North Texas has developers scrambling to add new facilities. Partners T5 DataCenters and Lincoln Rackhouse — the data center [...]

New LinkedIn Data Center Strategy Similar to Microsoft’s

While Microsoft has pledged to let LinkedIn “retain its distinct brand, culture, and independence,” after its $26.2 billion acquisition of the biggest social network for [...]

Cyfuture to invest Rs 250 crores to fund data center expansion, to participate in rural BPO scheme

Cyfuture is planning to invest a total Rs 250 crores to expand its data center and BPO businesses in India, and is already in talks with venture capitalists.   NEW [...]

DigitalOcean Launches India Data Center

DigitalOcean has launched its new data center in Bangalore, India, to support the growing startup ecosystem in the country. The New York-based cloud infrastructure provider [...]

How to Use a Hosted Cloud Email Platform

When your business migrates to a hosted cloud email platform, the user experience will be very similar to using an in-house infrastructure only with a few enhancements and new [...]

Microsoft and the Public Cloud Boom

According to JP Morgan analysts Doug Anmuth, Sterling Auty, Philip Cusick, Rod Hall, and Mark Murphy, the cloud computing movement is “entering a new phase.” Implications [...]

A Practical Guide to Ensure Your Data is Secure in the Cloud

As more and more businesses turn to the cloud, it is vital to protect the data that is stored in the cloud. Furthermore, the transactions need to be secure and safe to ensure [...]

IBM Acquires StrongLoop, Helping Clients Extend their Enterprise Reach

The team at StrongLoop, Inc. helps companies succeed in connecting mobile, Internet of Things (IoT) and next-generation web applications with enterprise data and services in a [...]

Google Cloud Outage Highlights More Than Just Networking Failure

Google Cloud Platform went dark this week in one of the most widespread outages to ever hit a major public cloud, but the lack of outcry illustrates one of the constant knocks [...]