HashGains to Launch its ICO Tokens

The recent blockchain advancements have astounded the world of economy, as the crypto-communities anticipate enormous returns as guaranteed by Bitcoin and its altcoin successors. The Distributed Ledger Technology offers a perfect answer to traditional currency issues and with the initiation of decentralized coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero, the virtual world appears to go up against this present reality. Being an unassailable record that it is, blockchain wallets store all types of advanced resources, as well as record each detail associated with the latest transaction. Today, mining is viewed as a long-term investment that guarantees lucrative returns.

Bitcoin mining began in the year 2009, and from that point forward, there has been no going back. HashGains is one of those dependable platforms that has been intended for cryptographic money mining through cloud innovation services. The growing interest in mining has now resulted in a shortage of mining devices. On a bigger scale, mining nowadays is an ASIC-intensive and costly arrangement. With HashGains’ ICO contracts, investors can easily partake in the mining process. The organization will hold an Initial Coin Offering event this year, wherein financial specialists and supporters get a chance to take on a dynamic role and become the owners of the HashGains Tokens before it gets liquidated in any real trade. The assets amassed from the ICO presale will be utilized for the early advancement and administration of the HashGains platform. The ICO owners may feel guaranteed that this one-of-a-kind venture is upheld by a group of crypto veterans and blockchain specialists.

Realizing the true potential of the blockchain technology and the need for more data centres, Futuristic Internet Services LLC, an internet major in India and the US, has taken a global initiative. Having an expertise of over 15 years in running and managing data centres across the globe, Cyber Futuristics has come up with its latest subsidized venture- HashGains.com. HashGains has already acquired 20,000 plus customers on its platform. Customers can buy hashing power to win a share of popular crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, Zcash, so on and so forth.

HashGains believes in the good future of popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum and feels that its total market capitalization, which stands at around $600 billion dollars, is all set to grow and reach the trillion-dollar mark in the next 2-3 years. Estimates suggest that over 100 million people would soon start transacting in cryptocurrencies, which would lead to the soaring popularity of miners across the globe. All this would demand the need for building mega cloud mining data centres which would not only work on renewable energy resources but would also address the need for cost-effective power generation. HashGains would like to reach 1 million customer mark by the end of 2018 and emerge as one of the top 10 top mining companies in the world. In order to serve such massive base of customers, HashGains will construct its mega cloud mining data centres using its years of expertise. Proceeds from the HashGains ICO Token Sale would be used in building data centres in Rajasthan, India and Quebec, Canada with a combined capacity of 75 Mega Watts.

HashGains expects a $30 million turnover from its ICO token sale that would help the company set up its unique data centres. The HashGains crypto mining team comes from different scientific disciplines and constantly monitors the latest innovations in order to implement them and benefit investors.

The ICO Token Presale will start in January, 2018. The total number of tokens offered is 10,000,000 (wherein each token costs $0.70). For every HashGains token purchased, you get a 30% discount (the original price is $1). The Presale is followed by the main event which is essentially a two-tier sale, each comprising of 12,500,000 tokens. Purchasers can avail a 20% discount and buy each token at $0.80. No discounts are applicable for the second-tier sale and each token will be charged at $1. The unsold tokens from the Presale and the Main Sale will be traded at $1.25 after the final conclusion of the ICO sale. HashGains looks forward to building its 2 mega data centres and the raised capital amount will go into funding the set ups.

You can now earn your favourite cryptocurrencies by subscribing to HashGains. Buy 10 ICO tokens and win 1 GH/s of hashing power for Bticoin or Bitcoin Cash. Purchase 10,000 tokens during the ICO Token Presale for $7,000 and get 1 TH/s (1,000 GH/s) of hashing power for 2 years. Thus, one stands a chance to win BTC 0.05/year or 0.1 BTC/2 years, which is almost equal to $2,000.

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