Month: March 2016

First in India: Web Werks Data Center Hosts RIPE Atlas Anchor for Optimized Network Monitoring

Web Werks India Pvt. Ltd. becomes the first data center in India to host RIPE Atlas Anchor sponsored by the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre [...]

Why is Windows Dedicated Hosting Most Suitable for a Business

Organizations need a high performing, secured and scalable environment for their website. Windows dedicated hosting has proved to be an ideal platform and a [...]

VPS Server Hosting – Advantages and Considerations

VPS server hosting or virtual private server hosting is a hosting model where a single large server bed is divided into individual compartments. Each of these [...]

Tips to Choose Cloud Data Center India Providers

Cloud data center India providers are in much demand these days because more and more companies are now willing to store their large and bulky files in the [...]

Advantages of Database Hosting

Database hosting essentially refers to the practice of offering managed servers which are optimized for running relational databases. Any web host can run a [...]